About Us

The predecessor idea to this brand and website started in 2017 at the first Grindcamp event in Nicaragua. This event was a two week long co-living and coworking meetup where a group of entrepreneurs masterminded with each other to grow themselves personally and in their business ventures. Everyone was given some merchandise to sport for the event, and the clothing line was indirectly launched.

I’ve been working in e-commerce for the past few years full-time. I’ve loved cryptocurrency since I dug into it back in 2016. I wanted to cross my experience with e-commerce and love for cryptocurrency with this clothing brand. We’ve got a variety of products for your favorite digital currency crypto project; and maybe a few funny jabs at other projects too. We accept fiat credit card payments for the hardcore HODLers, and we accept a basket of various payment focused cryptocurrencies for everyone else.

My girlfriend and I create most of the design ideas and art. If you have some design ideas, and would like to submit your idea to be sold on our website please contact us!