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What is Nyano Cryptocurrency?

You may have seen or read something related to Nyano #Nyano $Nyano on reddit of twitter. You may have even received a tip in this cryptocurrency. Nyano is simply the cryptocurrency Nano with a different name. It isn’t a fork or a different chain or project. It is simply a meme. You see, the Nano community and many other crypto communities saw meme coins like dogecoin and Shiba and realized many people in the cryptosphere are focusing on meme coins to try to make a quick buck.

There are 133,248,297 Nano in existence. Each Nano can be broken down into very small decimal units; 10^30 units apparently. So, since Shiba made their coin supply huge to incentivize people to buy while it is below 1 penny per unit, the Nyano is just a meme to have people buy or send around micro units of the Nano currency.

Check out the new Nyano reddit here:

One comment from the thread: Think of Nyano as Satoshis. Everything built will just display 1 million Nyano instead of showing 1 Nano. We think this and the memes will make Nyano more use friendly and fun.